Dripping tap

Fix a leaky tap

A leaky tap can waste over 20,000 litres of water per year, which is bad for the environment, your water bill, and the life of your bathroom enamel! Generally this is a fairly easy fix, usually requiring a new tap washer. Another common fix is to clean the tap seat. If that isn’t the issue, it may be something more complex like broken pipes, rusted valves, damaged seals, or loose parts.


Running toilet

Fix a running toilet

Not only does a running toilet use a lot of water, it can also be noisy and can lead to awkward conversations with guests (“Umm, I’ve just used your toilet but it’s still running…? I didn’t know how to shut it off… Sorry…”). A running toilet is often due to a faulty flapper which needs replacing, the fill valve overflowing, or the flush valve leaking. Alternatively, the float might have gone out of position over time and needs to be lowered.


Blocked drain

Fixing a blocked or clogged drain
You can tell that you’ve got a clog somewhere in the drain if water drains slowly or not at all. Lots of clients try baking soda and vinegar or Drano, but in fact your first step should be to flush it with some hot water. As plumbers, we’ll generally try a drain snake if we can’t unclog it with water – this is particularly useful if it’s a bathroom drain (hair blockage) or you know that something physical is creating a blockage. If it’s a grease blockage, we will try a chemical cleaner, or may have to open the pipes to clean them.


Faulty hot water service

Fixing a faulty hot water service
There’s often a problem with your hot water service if you have intermittent or no hot water; flow issues; colour in the water; leaks from the system itself; or temperature changes. Do you have gas or electric hot water? If it’s gas, (i.e. has a pilot light), we can help. Firstly, check that your pilot light is on. If it goes out a lot, you may have a hot water system problem. Other issues include temperature and release valves that need replacing; incorrect gas pressure settings; blocked strainers and filters; and faulty hardware like thermostats and igniters.

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